Geoff Acton, The New Mayor

When the new Mayor was selected, little did he know what was around the corner and how all initial plans would have to be changed!

With cancellation of all summer events there are no official engagements until probably September when it is hoped to be able to hold the traditional Mayor’s Dinner and Civic Service.

Recent times have of course been very challenging for our residents and businesses and the Mayor has been working with Members and Officers continuing to support these. This year the Council has declared a climate change emergency and the Mayor
has decided to raise awareness of all aspects of this and make it his main theme for the Mayoral year. The chosen charities SWLEN and Dose of Nature will help do this focussing on impact of climate change and biodiversity loss helping residents and businesses take practical and realistic steps to make a positive difference.

The COVID-19 emergency has of course had a huge impact on our lives and our businesses and one of the main tasks ahead will be to help the Borough recover and return life to some form of normality. Our town centres, how we work and shop will all change and The Mayor wants to be a big part of managing this. The importance of nature and the outside world is something many of us previously took for granted so the Mayor sees continuing to raise environmental awareness as a major part of the recovery.

As soon as we can, the Mayor and his very capable Deputy, Councillor Julia Cambridge, will be out across the Borough supporting residents with events, fairs, openings, school activities and many other community initiatives. Although the high street may look somewhat different, there will be shops and businesses reopening and we will all need to support them after the difficult times we have all had so the Mayor wants to be at the forefront of getting morale up and people back on their feet. Shop Local is going to be a strong message!

So for the rest of 2020/21 the Mayor aims to be at the centre of rebuilding our fantastic Borough, not just the larger centres like Richmond and Twickenham but all our other areas as well. We have fabulous parks and green spaces and we need to continue celebrating these but always having a keen eye on protecting the environment and keeping people aware and safe.

Mayor Geoff Acton is very much looking forward to getting out there and meeting as many people as possible and rediscovering all the amazing charity groups, volunteers and organisations we have in the Borough. By us all working together we can continue to make Richmond the best place to live, work and visit.

The Mayor will be very happy next May to see all the progress we hope to have made!

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