On the Wild Side


Twickenham Junction Rough or ‘the Rough’ as locals call it – opened on the 20th August 2018. This stretch of land between Marsh Farm Lane and Brewery Wharf is one of the most popular shortcuts from West Twickenham to the station. A meander along the surfaced path through a natural wildlife corridor is a little paradise before boarding a crowded train or visiting the local shops.

Part of a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation, the area is due to extend from Twickenham Station to Moormeads in St Margarets. Gated at both ends and only 681 steps (according to my phone) it is locked at night depending on the seasons and maintained by volunteers.

A grand old London Plane tree, uprooted by a storm, lies near the Brewery Wharf end and is now enjoyed by children as a climbing adventure.

Throughout the year there are interesting things to see and hear in this small section of scrubland that follows the River Crane. Remnants of an old track and buffer highlight the railway heritage of Twickenham and a specially carved bench has been placed nearby. Young woodland lines the route, along with damson and apples trees, and during the season brambles in abundance bring out the blackberry foragers. Wildflowers and herbs grow along the verges and birdsong fills the air, while butterflies add to the kaleidoscope of colours in this little haven of peace. If you are lucky you may spot a kingfisher perched on the branches overlooking the river near the station, or a flash of blue as it darts beneath the bridges.

Park Lane Stables

Cathy Cooper

Twickenham Wildlife Photographer


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