On the Wild Side

Marble Hill Park provides a perfect home for wildlife, with The Black Walnut playing host to many species. Standing near the river gate, it was planted in the early 1700s and voted one of the Great Trees of London after the epic storm of 1987. Nearby is a thought-provoking print by artist Charlie Mackesy.

Take a stroll around the boundary path to spot little owls, tree creepers, wrens, and flocks of ring-necked parakeets. The plane trees near the towpath create a shady canopy with their outstretching branches almost touching the ground. 

The centre piece of the park is the beautiful Palladian villa, Marble Hill House. It is currently undergoing an extensive conservation project that will create new habitats for biodiversity as well as more facilities for visitors.

Find out more about the history and exciting new developments at english-heritage.org.uk

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