Our Country’s Good

It’s 1789, British prisons are vastly overcrowded, so the Navy has been tasked with shipping thousands of convicts out to the new found land of Australia to set up the first penal colonies. 

Sometime after arriving in New South Wales, a group of Navy Officers debate the purpose of prison: should it be to punish or rehabilitate? What is the nature of criminal tendencies: are they innate or acquired? 

When one of the captains mentions that the convicts consider hanging to be “entertainment,” another suggests that they could be offered something else. To stage a play? It is to this end that we find a young lieutenant directing rehearsals for the first play ever to be staged in that country – with only two copies of text, a cast of convicts and one leading lady about to be hanged!

Timberlake Wertenbaker’s hugely popular and influential drama continues to captivate audiences 30 years on. Creating tension and insight by recording the pain and injustice suffered by its cast of convicts, while suggesting the potential of education and theatre to nurture rehabilitation and social transformation.

Our Country’s Good is a joyful celebration of theatre with the power of great language at its heart.  No wonder it’s a set text for A Level English Literature!   

TTC brings together a true ensemble cast with 10 experienced actors playing 22 roles. Led by Matt Beresford with a highly skilled crew and cast, well known to the stage locally.

Signed Performance: This takes place on Wednesday evening, by a British Sign Language interpreter and TTC member. The Saturday matinee isa Relaxed performance – ideal for audience members who would prefer, or benefit from a more relaxed environment, including being able to leave and return to their seat during the show. 

Our Country’s Good 28 June – 2 July.

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