Outdoor Living Just Got Comfortable

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” A phrase often used in the Nordics by parents trying to get the kids outdoors to play and, being from Denmark, it’s one I grew up with. It’s in my DNA. I’m grateful I was subjected to it though, as I ended up having many great outdoor adventures as a child.

In woodlands near our home, we played hide and seek, dug for treasures, and even had our own secret caves. It was an eventful childhood, and we were out in all weathers. However, as I got older I learned the comfort of staying in with hot chocolate (read: wine), hearty food, blankets, and Netflix. Perhaps I’m not alone? I lived my life comfortably like that until it became obvious I needed to move more, and I set about rediscovering the great outdoors again. 

Staying out in comfort

My love of the great outdoors is one of the reasons I’m excited that Norse Supply has introduced the Danish-designed Sittingsuits to the UK. These cosy outdoor coats, with eco-conscious padding made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, are perfect for extending your outdoor season – chilly spring nights and cooler autumn evenings no longer mean taking refuge indoors. 

For better or worse, the Covid pandemic has taught or forced us to be outside more. Outdoor meets are now the new normal. As Michelle, a customer from Shepperton, says: “My Sittingsuit has become even more useful with socially distanced outdoor catch-ups.”

I hope Norse Supply will continue to be a part of this growing outdoor movement. The outdoors is a great place to be, healthy for the mind, body and soul. Let’s all get some fresh air…and if you want to stay outside longer and still stay warm, then check out our cosy, eco-friendly Sittingsuits.

“They are perfect when you want to spend more time 


Norse Supply, Shepperton

John Haagensen is the Director of Shepperton-based Norse Supply.


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