Painting a Brighter Future

Support for Park Lane Stables came in many forms, including the contribution of two local artists, who donated their artwork. 

Joy Cuff

One evening in early 2021, a little girl called Violet walked past the Stables near her home and spotted Trigger, one of the veteran horses that lives there. Violet leaned up to kiss him goodnight, as had been her nightly ritual for many weeks. Her father took a quick snap on his phone and later posted it on Facebook. The photo showed the essence of what the stables meant to the community and one person posted ‘that would make a nice painting’.

Joy saw the comment and decided to do just that. Using oil paints on canvas, she captured the mood perfectly, even giving Trigger a ghostly glow in the dark urban street. The finished painting, The Midnight Kiss, was added as a ‘reward’ to the Crowdfunding campaign to save the Stables, and quickly snapped up.

Joy’s creativity has meant a rewarding career spanning set design, sculpture, etching and printing (her work in films and TV includes iconic productions 2001: A Space Odyssey and Thunderbirds). 

Another reward offered by Joy on the Park Lane Stables Crowdfunding page was a ‘watercolour of your choice’ for a £200 pledge. When the fund suddenly reached its target there were 76 watercolour pledges so it looks like Joy’s going to have a very busy time ahead!

Zeynep Onal Turan

Local artist Zaynep, who goes by the name Invisibleye, donated all proceedings from her watercolour postcards to Park Lane Stables. Originally from Istanbul, she trained and worked as a counsellor, and has used her art and play therapy background in several volunteer posts with children. 

Although her career and life have taken a varied path – she became a contracts manager in London; started walking rather than driving, drinking beer rather than raki, living in a small town rather than a busy city – one thing has never changed and that’s her passion for drawing. Zeynep paints greetings cards, house portraits, nursery wall art and accepts art commissions. A selection of her cards can be found in local Islay Cafe but you can view the full range at

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