Parenting for all

Michelle Tucker and her team provide inclusive access to parenting support for all, to ensure there are little to no barriers to participants. They encourage communities to come together with the common issue of parenting, aiming to boost the health, wellbeing and confidence of families by nurturing and supporting those that are parenting.

Michelle and her team have supported individuals and whole families for more than 15 years. They are passionate about being non-judgemental and using their expertise to guide people to think about what is causing their stress or anxiety and giving them the tools
to manage.

People have noted improved self-esteem, a clearer focus about their own skills and abilities, a better understanding of how to work with their family and their children, to achieve a common goal, and feel better able to look after their own mental health – and to recognise the signs of stress or anxiety around them.

Here are some of the ways Michelle and her team help:

Developing Emotional Resilience in Your Family and Children

  • Practical strategies to use
  • Understanding the role of relationships in building resilience
  • Exploring ideas for working together as a family
  • A chance to reflect

Managing Boundaries in Our Family

  • Exploring ways to keep adults in charge whilst respecting children’s feelings and helping them to think and act for themselves
  • Considering strategies for children of all ages, including teenage behaviour and its link to changes in the adolescent brain
  • How to create a family agreement​

Supporting Ourselves and Our Children to Manage Difficult Feelings

  • Exploring practical strategies for supporting emotional development
  • Recognising the importance of making time for ourselves
  • Considering how we communicate our difficult feelings and reflecting on our own habits
  • How to acknowledge and understand difficult feelings in our children and teenagers​

Michelle and her team aim to normalise parenting support and reduce the stigma attached to reaching out for help. We ALL need support!

Please contact Michelle to find out how we can support you, your organisation and/or your family.

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