Police Digital Security Is Coming to the Borough

Life and business in the 21st century is increasingly reliant on being connected to the internet. With the incredible information, connectivity and exposure that the World Wide Web offers comes an unprecedented opportunity for fraudsters and scammers to exploit individuals and business.

Everyone is aware that something is required to protect one’s online identity but very few really know what “good security” looks like and, particularly in the business world, even fewer will commit the time and money to a cyber security regime. Sometimes, the plethora of advice can be confusing and the cost of it mind- boggling.

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by the police, that works across the UK in partnership with industry, government, academia and law enforcement to offer local small & medium sized businesses (SME) guidance & assistance in establishing a resilient online profile. PDSC organises “In The Community” events and actually walks down the High Street with local police officers to meet business owners who may never have had any personal cyber security advice.

In addition to meeting high street businesses, “In The Community” events include pre-advertised presentations, workshops, and one-to-one mentoring sessions. Face-to-face interviews can be supplemented by an online survey that tests SME’s online posture, and offers a “Digitally Aware” certification. Those with a higher risk profile will be directed towards the government’s Cyber Essentials schemes and beyond if necessary. In conjunction with BSI, UK standards body, PDSC runs a certification scheme for cyber security providers, to help end users find security that they can trust.

PDSC attended the London Growth Hub event at the Civic Centre and will be returning later this year. Neil Sinclair, the National Cyber Lead for PDSC said “The event was very successful.

I think a number of small business owners were shocked at just how vulnerable to cyber attack their business is, and most of them have changed their behaviour, not just at work but on personal devices too.”

If you would like to get in touch for help or advice, email contact@policedsc.com

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