Popular Kitchen Colour Schemes in 2021

As you may expect, every year there are a handful of different colour schemes that are incredibly popular amongst homeowners and when carrying out home improvements, the vast majority of people will end up opting for the same colours. If you’re planning on redesigning your kitchen in the upcoming months and you’re curious as to what colour schemes will be popular as we head towards the end of 2020 and into 2021, we have looked into next year’s home decor colour palette trends.

Pastel shades of green 

Towards the end of this year, we have seen an increase in popularity of darker green tones and many have been incorporating emerald and forest green colours into their kitchens. Whilst these darker shades will stay the first choice for some contemporary kitchen designs, it is likely that lighter pastel shades, such as sage green, will start to be used in the kitchen as well. 

Dark rich blues 

This is another colour scheme that we have seen a rise in popularity this past year. Many homeowners are using navy blues in their kitchens, specifically for their cabinets, and many are pairing it with silver or rose gold accents. It is likely that these darker blue colours will remain popular throughout 2021 too and more homeowners will be using them.  

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Greyscale shades

Everything from whites through to dark grey shades have been used in homes for a couple of years and for many, a grey colour scheme is their go-to choice. Whilst other communal living areas use these colours frequently, they aren’t as common in the kitchen. However, it is likely that darker greys and even blacks will be making their way into the kitchen next year. 

Dusky light pinks 

We’re seeing a growing trend for mellow colours being used in the home and it is likely that they will also make their way to the kitchen in the next year. Alongside the sage green mentioned above, we will see dusky and lighter shades of pink. Whilst many colours are usually used for kitchen cabinetry, it is more likely that these pinks will be used on the walls. 

Two-tone kitchens 

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a colour scheme, we thought it was definitely worthwhile mentioning. Many contemporary kitchen designs in 2021 will feature two different colours running through the space. Whilst we have previously seen contrasting walls to worktops, with this trend, people will be combining two colours throughout kitchen cabinetry too.  

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