Record Store Day at Eel Pie Records

Record Store Day is the biggest event on the calendar for Eel Pie Records, and for the shop’s growing army of vinyl loving customers. The special day was invented by the music industry to give focus and support to all the hard-working and unique independent record shops up and down the country, helping them to compete with the power of the multiple chains, supermarkets and online multi-nationals. 2020 will be the 13th year, and the resurgence of independent record shops means there are now around 250 shops in the UK signed up for Record Store Day.

Literally hundreds of special vinyl limited-edition releases are made exclusively for the day and here’s the deal – you can only buy them from independent record shops, you cannot order them in advance on online, and you cannot reserve copies. It’s most definitely first-come-first- served!

At the time of going to press we are unable to reveal any of the titles that will be available – all is kept secretly under wraps until about
a month before the big day. Expect the weird, the wonderful, the obscure and the collectible. Eel Pie Records will make a downloadable list available as soon as the titles are announced. Phil and Kevin then invite customers to let them know what they would like…and then they buy the stock accordingly. But with no reservations and no promises!

On the day itself, the queue outside the shop starts early – last year’s front-of-the-queue die-hards were there from 2am in freezing temperatures. By opening time, dozens were waiting keenly, and soon the friendly and good-natured queue snaking down Church Street numbered over a hundred. Church Street provides the perfect environment for this – virtually no traffic, and several places to get your coffee and breakfast, including the Eel Pie pub which opens early especially. Don’t be daunted by the queue down the street though; Phil and Kevin and their enthusiastic team work quickly and efficiently to make sure service is smooth, and that everyone get their chance, in turn, to browse the titles, or simply dash away with the prized item they were holding out for.

2020 will be Eel Pie Records’ third Record Store Day. The last two years have been blessed with good weather, so fingers are crossed for the same again.

Record Store
Day 2020 will take place on Saturday 18th April 2020

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