Revitalising Remote Learning

In response to first lockdown last March, we were able to thoroughly invest in the launch of our Home Learning Programme due to the comprehensive nature of our existing IT framework, versatile communication infrastructure, and engaging approach to education. This helped us to establish the largest school WebEx programme in the UK in the space of just a few days. Our early investments have meant that we have been able to focus on revitalising remote learning and maintaining children’s engagement. 

We have carefully re-evaluated year group timetables to find an appropriate and manageable balance which best fosters concentration. We appreciate that children and their families often have unique needs and circumstances, and we know that there is no such thing as a one size fits all timetable, so we have included a range of teaching styles and activities with a mix of both static and live lessons. We have also actively sought new ways to create interaction such as through daily live story sessions, form time and social opportunities. 

Importantly, live lessons are now delivered on a more granular basis to smaller groups aiding collaboration and learning mentors have been allocated to ensure each pupil is progressing well. Furthermore, core academic lessons are timetabled for the morning when concentration is freshest and differentiation is made clear through setting work at core, stretch and challenge levels. In the Pre-Prep, children enjoy bi-weekly one to one reading sessions which is also incredibly beneficial from a well-being perspective. 

We hope that the experiences from the first return to school, alongside our Recovery Curriculum, will stand us in good stead once children are back on-site. As a school where the pastoral care of children is of the utmost importance, we feel confident that we are well placed to support them. 

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