Rotary Club of Twickenham Upon Thames

Thank you to our Local Community

As the year of 2020 came to an end the Rotary Club of Twickenham upon Thames moved its annual collections online. We were disappointed the decision was taken to cancel the Street collections and parade. As our local community, be reassured that we will continue to help with the work of local and overseas charities. The club members would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who donated to our appeal.  

Please keep looking at our Facebook page, our website and any posters we put out for fundraising in the future. We will keep you up to date with all the club activities as they so Live. Looking forward to seeing you all this year of 2021.

If anyone out in our community is interested in Rotary as a way for them to meet new people, to help many communities and to have some fun and fellowship then look at the website or the website of Rotary GB&I. This website gives more information about Rotary as an organization;  that is local, national and international. We seek new members who are like-minded, enthusiastic and energetic and caring of the community we live in.

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