Share a Piece of the Pie

Local storyteller Vicky Steane is calling on ‘positive, kind, and environmentally aware creative people’ to join the Fish Pie Project, helping families and friends take part in local river conservation projects, all over the world, through inclusive creative and artistic pursuits.

Based around a book written and illustrated by Vicky (creator of Little Robot Stories), the project aims to bring environmental awareness and fun to children’s books and games. The story Fish Pie is focused on the animals that live in Eel Pie Island nature reserve in Twickenham and will include an audio book and a Top Trumps game.

Vicky describes her book as ‘a funny, magical adventure that teaches children about friendship, the environment of the River Thames, the musical heritage of Eel Pie Island and the importance of looking after everything around you, from your friends to your local fauna.’ The book and the audio book are set up to include artwork and creative  talents of local people and Vicky is calling on all ‘positive, kind, and environmentally aware creative people’, of any age, to get involved. She would also like to hear about local environmental causes for possible inclusion in the project.

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