Simple Acts of Kindness

This month we welcome local vet Enrico Pallarols as a new contributor, writing about all things pet related. In this introduction, he tells us about the little bird that inspired the name behind local brand Green Sparrow Foods…

In May 2020, during the first lockdown, a little girl came to Medivet Twickenham with a shoe box, inside which was a badly injured baby bird. “We found this little bird and we think it might be injured. Please, could you do anything?” asked the little girl. My heart filled with sadness and compassion and I couldn’t say no to her – I told her we would do everything to save the life of this little bird and thanked her for bringing it to the clinic.

The baby bird, who seemed to be a female sparrow, had a broken wing, a broken leg and barely any feathers on the top of her head. Because she needed a lot of medical attention, I took her home and my fiancée Meri and I looked after her. After all my efforts to repair the little sparrow’s leg and wing, they didn’t heal properly and had to be amputated. The little baby went through recovery and luckily, as Meri was working from home, she was able to feed the bird and give her medication throughout the day.

After some weeks, she had fully recovered and was now a fully grown sparrow. Sadly, she only had one wing and one leg, so the idea of releasing her into the wild wasn’t an option. At that point, we decided to officially ‘adopt’ the bird and named her Kyoto.

Kyoto brings so much joy to our lives: she sings in the morning, cheeps when she wants food and has a daily bath. This sparrow who, despite being so poorly, just wanted to live and thrive, was the inspiration behind Meri’s business name: Green Sparrow Foods. We would so love to find that little girl again and say thank you: a simple act of kindness can go a long, long way.

If you know the little girl in the story, please get in touch with TW Magazines.

Dr Enric Pallarols is Branch Partner at Medivet in Twickenham

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