St. Catherine’s School

St. Catherine’s is a vibrant and caring Catholic school that warmly welcomes girls of all faiths. Our friendly community helps each pupil develop confidence as she explores her gifts and talents. The School proudly combines excellent pastoral care with over 100 years’ experience of independent education and a modern curriculum that prepares girls for the 21st century.

In the Prep Department, which takes girls from 3 to 11 years of age, an emphasis on curiosity and discovery establishes firm foundations which later allow pupils to excel in the Senior School and Sixth Form. All girls enjoy the wide range of subjects and benefit from teaching staff who are passionate about giving each of them the opportunity to thrive. Teachers and tutors know the girls individually, and so offer support and challenge at all stages, and are in regular contact with parents.

The girls certainly rise to the challenges posed by public examinations. St Catherine’s is proud of the value that is added to their achievements as they progress through the School and we enjoy seeing so many young women go on to university courses and careers of their choice, and to bright futures.

Those who visit St. Catherine’s often remark on the warm and genuine enthusiasm of our pupils. The school’s Christian ethos and emphasis on values helps girls to engage with the world around them, while open discussion, time for reflection, pupil-led committees and a wide range of creative opportunities create a lively environment where they can feel a sense of belonging. Our emphasis on character, and on the deeper values of compassion, integrity and resilience, is also developed through a comprehensive extra-curricular programme.

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