For tens of millions of children around the world, the ‘street’ is a huge part of their lives. It could be their home, their workplace, or even their playground.

These children routinely experience sexual and physical abuse, are cast out from their communities and are denied the right to education, basic care, and a voice.

We are fighting to reduce the abuse and discrimination that street-connected children suffer and support them to develop and fulfil their potential.

There are also a growing number of marginalised, excluded and isolated young people in this country yet funding for youth services has
been cut as much as 60% in the last decade.

This has led to the decimation of youth worker programmes, numbers and skills. This month we have joined the Aviva Community Fund Crowdfunding initiative. This is the charity’s first foray into Crowdfunding with a project that will bring change to the corporate world while at the same time raise money to provide support for the UK’s excluded youth. As a specialist in reconnecting with excluded young people, StreetInvest’s social enterprise will provide sustainable funding to scale up its UK Programme supporting youth inclusion projects across the country.

Please visit https://www.avivacommunityfund.
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