Struggling with your Teen’s Mental Health?

A new free webinar series for parents and carers could help you.

There’s a crisis looming in teenage mental health with one in six children aged five to 16 years being identified as having issues. When teenagers struggle with their mental health, more often than not, it’s the parents, carers or schools that are first in line trying to help. 

Let’s all Talk Mental Health is a free weekly online programme aimed specifically at parents and carers to support their teens, understand the issues, and find out more about routes for help. The webinars offer insight, reassurance and resources from clinicians and advocates who work with young people, day in, day out.  

Founders and local parents Jenni Dunn and Laura Biggs wanted to help as many families as possible by creating a platform for open and engaging discussion around teen mental health difficulties, initially approaching local schools and GP surgeries. “We reached out to them first because of the importance they place on pupil and patient welfare and they immediately saw that what we had to offer was a valuable resource to recommend to their parent and family communities,” explains Laura Biggs.

Every Monday at 8pm, Let’s all Talk Mental Health explores a different aspect of teen mental health, such as anxiety, depression and keeping safe. Each webinar begins with five key questions put to the specialists, followed by at least 30 minutes dedicated to answering questions (anonymously) from the audience: a unique opportunity to get expert insights and specific points raised. 

“Although Richmond-upon-Thames is voted as one of the happiest places to live, we know that this is sadly not the case for many of our teenagers in the Borough who suffer from a huge variety of mental health challenges,” says Jenni Dunn. “A year of COVID-19 has amplified the problem and, as local parents, we are proud to have launched this programme to try and lift the lid on what can be challenging for most families.

“The feedback so far from both schools and parents has been incredible, with 98% of our viewers reporting they would recommend our events to friends or colleagues,” adds Laura. “Our ambition is to spread the Let’s all Talk Mental Health online events to a nationwide audience.” 

Intuitive Events is a health-focused events company, run by Laura and Jenni. It aims to help others who are experiencing similar health issues to the ones they’ve faced either personally or as parents.

Every Monday at 8pm 

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