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In March this year Harriet MacMasters- Green opened her on-demand yoga and meditation space, the Intuitive Soul Sanctuary (ISS) with a tapestry of over 99 classes and workshops.

Here she explains more… 

At 30 years old I was suddenly struck down by glandular fever and panic attacks. I was working night and day as an actor and from one day to the next I couldn’t leave my front door. It was the first time I really understood what stress, body depletion and fatigue can do to the body, and I am quite sure that without my mindfulness and meditation, I would have probably suffered even more. Ultimately it set me on the path to becoming a yoga and meditation teacher. Now I always pause for micro moments throughout my day, to breathe and rebalance myself. 

The inspiration at the core of ISS is to guide, support and share. This is reflected in both my 1-2-1 mentorships, my own weekly live group online classes, and my workshops. Feedback from my students tells me that through our working together, they have felt empowered and more positive about their own journey and purpose in life. Most importantly they have become inspired again; to keep moving towards their dreams; like starting their own businesses or changing their jobs. 

Having experienced firsthand my own struggles, I have made it my purpose to spread community hope to the extent that it falls from the sky like a fantastical rainstorm. It’s been a huge influence on how I care for, teach and support my students. Whether it’s a new mother or a depleted busy city worker, meditation and breath work have the power to heal and empower you. This is what I want everyone to experience, this is what I want everyone to know. 

Find out more about the Intuitive Soul Sanctuary members’ space, 1-2-1s and workshops at harrietmg.com 

See p24 for Harriet’s micro moments breathing exercise. 

Aged 30, I was living in Rome and working all hours when I was struck down by glandular fever and my world turned upside down.

Then the panic attacks started – desperate, regular episodes where I couldn’t breathe and would collapse in the street. I remember staying awake all night with the light on because as soon as the light went out, my body would crumble into hopeless distress.

My breath was both my best friend and worst enemy – it took a lot of visualisation to get through each attack. The experience taught me to step back in my life when I sense an imbalance – but you don’t need to go on a yoga or meditation retreat to take time out. There are some really simple and effective ways to build in a daily dose of calm.

If you are just starting out, or are simply short on time, it is important to understand that even pockets of mindfulness throughout your day can be just as effective as longer practices. This short breath awareness practice is part of a ‘micro moment’ short course within my members’ space at The Intuitive Soul Sanctuary; it provides a soothing antidote to anxiety and is a great first step along your journey. 

• Simply pause whatever you are doing (even whilst reading this)… 

• Place one hand on to your heart and one on to your lower abdomen, and feel the ground underneath the soles of your feet. 

• Lengthen through your spine and soften your shoulders, your eyes, jaw and chest. 

• Inhale slowly through your nose; pause and exhale out through your nose. Repeat this 

for 5 breaths. 

• Observe your thoughts, the feeling of your breath flowing through your nose and into your belly and softly being released. 

• Close your eyes and be the witness to how you feel now.

For more information on The Intuitive Soul Sanctuary, visit harrietmg.com

Harriet MacMasters-Green


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