Think You Know Donald Trump?

From January 2017 to January 2021 Richmond-based author Jim Sitch noted President Trump’s outrageous behaviour in a series of diaries, which recorded him every day for 1,462 days. The diaries have now been published as a single, hilarious and scary book that is raising a few eyebrows.

For four years Jim became fixated by the rise and fall of Donald Trump, writing a daily diary entry detailing Trump’s news activities, words and deeds, resulting in his first book, Donald Trump and Me, published by The Conrad Press. Says Jim: ‘As he hasn’t ‘retired’, it’s a possibility Trump may run again in 2024 so the book will be of great interest to historians and my diaries will provide a timely reminder to future voters of the reality of four more years of Donald Trump in power.’

As one US reader says: ‘It’s a brilliant de-facto accounting of history in tune with more than half of the American citizens’ reactions. I think this book is far more valuable than is realised at first glance. It’s destined to become a classic.’

Donald Trump and Me by Jim Sitch

(RRP £9.99) is available to order from all good bookshops.

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