Twickenham Children Show Artistic Flair with Tech21 x Stride

Hundreds of school children across London Borough of Richmond upon Thames have taken part in a competition to encourage people to look after our planet.

The challenge was set to pupils by local Twickenham businesses Stride, an education enrichment partnership for young people, and tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices, to open children’s minds to the world of business and enterprise.

Pupils from nine different schools across
the region were challenged to design a new tech21 phone case which highlights important environmental factors including recycling and sustainability.

Four winners and eight runners up were selected following an intense deliberation from almost

1,000 entries across the borough, and prizes were presented during school assemblies.
The winners are:

  • Martha – St Andrews & St Marks
  • Josephine Hazel – Archdeacon
  • Madison Chung – Nelson
  • Jasmin Zara Ubheeman – Nelson

As part of the prize, the winning cases will be available to purchase through with 10% of sales going back into their school. The winners have also won a Stride program for their year 6 children which aims to give young people the skills, knowledge and aspirations they need to be successful in our fast-changing world of work.Tech21 CEO, Colin Woodward, says: “As a company established in true entrepreneurial spirit and continually dedicated to innovation, tech21 is pleased to have an opportunity to partner with the Stride Programme and work with local school children to ignite their passion for businessand entrepreneurship. I am so impressed to see the creativity the school children in our local community have displayed.”

Stride co-founder, Elena Macia, says:
“The response to this competition has been phenomenal! Children are bursting with creativity and it’s so inspiring to see them
using their skills in this way to showcase their passion for environmental issues. We’re looking forward to the next phase when Year 6 pupils will explore their entrepreneurial skills in our one- day workshop – a brilliant prize package from Tech21.”

Sophia, who received a runner-up prize at St Andrews & St Marks school in Surbiton, drew a turtle to raise awareness of their growing extinction rate due to plastic in the ocean, “I drew a turtle shell because the turtles are very pretty animals and people like them. So many turtles are getting trapped in plastic every day. A lot of people use the hashtag #SaveTheTurtles online and I wanted to promote it.”

Jasmin, from Nelson school in Whitton, was one of the four winners selected and drew the earth with a ‘Save Nature’ slogan across the top, “There’s a lot of plastic in the ocean and we need to save nature. Without nature we wouldn’t be able to breathe. The most important thing is nature.”

Each winner will also receive a family pass to Thorpe Park. The winning cases are available now to purchase via Stride Programmes will commence in schools during Spring/Summer 2020.

Elena Macia at Stride: Jennifer Hunt at Tech21: Jennifer.Hunt@

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