Twickenham’s Gone Green!

Discover Twickenham BID partners with First Mile, one of the UK’s fastest growing recycling companies, to provide outstanding waste and recycling services to BID businesses who want to save money and help the environment at the same time.

With its carbon-neutral fleet, zero-to-landfill policy and sustainable recycling solutions for more than 20 material types, First Mile transforms how businesses recycle, manage waste and reduce their impact on the environment. Together, we help to keep the streets of Twickenham clutter-free and the air clearer of pollution, thanks to First Mile’s low-emission vehicles and optimised routes.

Keen recycler Dan, owner of Mint Hair in Church Street said;  “We have made a conscious decision to be a green, eco friendly business. We wanted to carry over our enthusiasm for recycling at home and incorporate this at work too. Using First Mile for our waste collection is an easy way to planet save whilst also saving us money”!

Not only are many businesses in Twickenham town centre now sending zero to landfill; Discover Twickenham has been awarded an eCargo bike through the council’s scheme that was funded through the Energy Saving Trust. In the new year, we are hoping for Twickenham businesses to be able to utilise the bike to make local deliveries. We sure are excited to continue to lower emissions in Twickenham for many years to come!

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