Twickenham’s village green

The Friends of Twickenham Green came into being sometime in the 1980s; nobody seems to know exactly when for sure!  But it was constituted in 1994 with the aim ‘To protect and enhance the historical and unique character of Twickenham Green and its associated Conservation Area’. We have around 160 members and an actively used website,

We have moved on and added to our original aim and now are involved in a number of activities that involve the far wider community. Our most popular activity has been our hugely successful and very well attended Summer Fête on The Green, which encompasses a large number of organisations along with the usual rides, food and drink stalls, plus a wide variety of music options. Unfortunately, last year and this, the fête, along with a number of other activities, has had to be cancelled due to COVID restrictions, but we are looking forward to be back up and running in 2022. 

We are constantly working to ensure that The Green is well maintained, as over the years the usage has increased; seemingly exponentially, and it is amazing to see so many people enjoying the space. This, of course, brings with it wear and tear in various shapes and forms. You may have noticed recently that parts were fenced off. This was such that the Council could put in place decompaction works around the trees to ensure their long-term health. At this point I think that it is important to recognise the hard work which council officers of the Parks Department put in to make sure that The Green remains a place we can all enjoy.

We are also engaged in maintaining The Green practically ourselves and several times a year members get together to do a litter pick. This is a popular and fun activity; recently there were 25 volunteers!

We also work closely with Twickenham Cricket Club (, which hosts a number of our activities.

On a broader level we support a foodbank and have organised a defibrillator to be installed in Sainsbury’s. 

So, you see, there is a lot of varied things we do which help to enhance and maintain The Green as well as benefit the wider community. We are an open society and are always looking to welcome new members:

David Trigg, Chair

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