Ricardo Garcia – Ricardo’s Cellar, Kevin Jones – Eel Pie Records, Susan Shaw and Cllr Richard Baker – London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, Dominic Brookman – CEO MyTown,  Amol Apte – MyTown.

TwickTraders was originally created by Discover Twickenham BID to increase the online visibility of Twickenham’s local shops. The concept was to create a one-stop, multi-retailer platform that emulated (in a small way) the comprehensive range of products offered by Amazon and other large online retailers.

The service is aimed at local customers who want to support local businesses and those who may be uncomfortable with the operational practices of some large online retailers. 

TwickTraders has now joined forces with the London Borough of Richmond and MyTown, a well established shopping platform offering similar services to independent retailers across the country. The investment that the Council and MyTown are making in this new partnership will result in a substantial upscaling of the range of products available to customers. MyTown is a well established, successful online platform with a fleet of e-cargo bikes and riders who will undertake all of the local deliveries.

The new TwickTraders/MyTown platform is now live Twickenham. It will be free to use for all Twickenham retailers for the first year.

TwickTraders/MyTown is a brand through which Twickenham retailers can co-promote locally available products as an ethical, Twickenham alternative to the large online retailers. TwickTraders are independent retailers that:

  • Employ local people 
  • Enhance our neighbourhood
  • Invest in Twickenham
  • Help keep our High Street alive
  • Pay tax fairly

Click here to view the TwickTraders/MyTown site.

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