Volunteering Support During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We are seeing an incredible response to the current Coronavirus crisis with fantastic offers of help and support

As the support organisation for the voluntary sector in the borough, we are liaising with the Council and local recognised organisations to plan what help will be needed in the coming weeks and months. We have to ensure we protect the vulnerable and that people receive support safely and effectively.

Most local established groups are not fully ready to take on new volunteers, so we encourage individuals to register on our volunteer database. This will enable us to send out updates on opportunities as they emerge.

Where groups have already informally come together to offer help, we recommend that at least the organiser and, perhaps key members register with our service. More immediately, and informally, individuals can offer time in their existing community circles (eg. choir, church, sports club) and neighbourhood communities that they are already actively involved in. There are people who need support within all our circles, so this is always a good starting point. Do also remember local foodbanks who are likely to need donations for those in need.

It’s great to know that we continue to have such amazing community spirit and goodwill in our midst and we are keen to harness that people power in the best possible way. If there isn’t a suitable volunteer opportunity for you now, there may well be in a few weeks, so please be patient. We anticipate that an extended period and demand for help is on the way and we need to prepare for the long haul.

To register on the Richmond Volunteer Service, visit https://richmondcvs.org.uk/richmond- volunteering/.

Organisations and individuals can also find a range of other information and guidance at https://richmondcvs.org.uk/covid-19-information- and-advice/.

You can also access help through the Community Independent Living Service (CILS) at: Richmond Aid – http://www.richmondaid.org.uk/ information-navigation/

Age UK Richmond – https://www.ageuk.org.uk/ richmonduponthames/our-services/cils/

If you can’t access the internet you can call CILS on 020 8831 6464.

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