Who Am I Interviewing This Month?

• His business premises in Twickenham are located on Heath Road and used to be an Indian Restaurant.

• He graduated in 2005 from Newcastle University.

• He was born in Lagos, Nigeria but moved to the UK when he was 6 years old. He initially lived in Yorkshire for 5 years before moving to Lincolnshire.

• He has worked in London and Surrey for more than 12 years.

• His business mantra is – Going the extra mile for your smile! He prides himself on his customer service and attention to detail.

Have you guessed who it is yet? No?

• He is a huge sports fan. Mainly Rugby and Football. 

• On his rare days off he loves playing silly games or cycling with his kids. He occasionally gets to visit the gym or a have quick round of golf.

• His amazing and patient wife and three energetic but adorable children are what makes him most proud. They have all supported him at home and helped him to develop his business.

• Charity and giving back to the local community are important to him. His business sponsors the Jack and Jill May Fair on Twickenham Green each year. 

• As a new dental practice, his business won the Highly Commended Award for the Best New Dental Practice in the UK in 2018.

It can only be one man, Mide Ojo of Refresh Dental Practice.

Mide and his wife have lived in Twickenham since 2008. Initially he practiced dentistry in central London but after having children he decided to look for something closer to home to reduce his commute. They found a disused Indian Restaurant available for lease and after 5 long months, the building was renovated and ready to open as Refresh Dental Practice on the 8th of March 2017.  His commute now is 7 minutes so mission accomplished!

Refresh Dental offer a wide range of services including dental teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and dental restorations of damaged teeth. They also offer emergency dental care for those in pain or who aren’t registered with a Dentist. Mide is also very proud that in 2017 Refresh Dental became the official club dentist for both London Irish Men’s Rugby team and Brentford FC. He said “ It was like a double dream come true! Sports meets Dentistry.” 

Mide has a huge passion for taking the fear away from routine dental appointments and for using cutting edge dentistry to create life changing new smiles. He utilises digital technology to provide pain free smile improvements for many people who previously thought there was no option for them. “It’s pretty cool and is an extremely rewarding way to work”.

It is therefore probably no surprise that Mide has several personal Dental Industry awards for Best Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry cases over the last 3 years. Furthermore, last year, at the Richmond Business Awards, Refresh Dental Practice was awarded Highly commended in the People’s Choice award.

Mide says “The best lesson I have learnt in business is to always do the very best thing for my patients first time. I learnt, that by doing the best thing first, your patients never forget, and you often exceed their expectations. Over the last 12 years I am fortunate to have retained many of my patients, who in turn have recommended me to their friends and family members”

With the current climate and the issues facing many small independent businesses Refresh Dental are so very grateful for the support from the local community. 

If you would like more information about Mide’s business and services please go to the website 


By Con O’Brien – Business Consultant

Email – conobrien_cbs@btinternet.com 

Mobile – 0785 401 3864

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