Why We Need to Escape

With summer here and travel restrictions still in force, should we still be booking time off? Doing the same thing day in and day out is wearing, and can also lead to burnout or low mood. Holidays are essential for both mental and physical well-being. Having something to look forward to energises us; it excites us.

We crave new things and ‘rewards’. During the lockdown, there have been many forms of escapism; chocolate, alcohol, cakes, Netflix, etc. On the healthier side, exercise that some may never have done before, walking/running visiting places they’ve never ventured to in the past. The brain and body seek pleasure and new things. Stimulation is so crucial for our well-being holistically.

Official Holidays

When we have a day off, let’s say a bank holiday, it is important to see it as a bit special. Doing something that you wouldn’t normally do, it’s a physical and emotional break from the daily grind. After a day off, we are generally more productive, more focused and energised. We feel as if we deserved our break and got our ‘reward’.

There are obvious things you can do right now in lockdown; get your local map, look at places you may never have known about, that are practically on your doorstep. Do something virtual, that you’ve never done before, yoga, salsa dancing, juggling, anything! Interestingly when the brain is bored and not always fed by social media, that’s when it can get more creative and by doing so, feel more purposeful and engaged.


Escapism is excellent both physically and mentally. It is only harmful if it’s something you are consistently not dealing with. You may be ‘escaping’ by using substances or habits that may affect your mental or physical well being.

However, when you use your imagination for your good (remember, Einstein, said “imagination is more powerful than knowledge”), you feel uplifted. Thinking of seeing your best friend and hugging her, or imagining that great holiday you want.

We all know how the delightful anticipation of thinking of the next holiday. That’s already an upgrade in thought and feeling, then imagining what you might do there, the scenery, etc. Doing this kind of escapism is excellent stuff. Why?

Because the longer we focus on a positive thought/ image, the more it ‘sticks’ and if done regularly, we feel better (unfortunately it ‘sticks’ if it’s negative too).

Virtual Holidays

In fact, for that reason, I have recently recorded several virtual holidays you can download at denisebosque.com/holidays. They were even picked up by an award-winning travel agent, Thames Travel, to share with their clients.

While you are experiencing your ‘holiday’, you are both relaxing and stimulating your brain. The great thing is – you don’t even have to pack your cases!! As you will see from the link, there’s something for everyone…

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