Win The Morning, Win The Day

In the summer of 2020, Chris Reeves founded Win The Morning, Win The Day (WTMWTD) after listening to a podcast about getting out of your comfort zone to help deal with the stress and mental health decline amidst COVID-19.  The organisation’s mission is “To engage with our local communities in providing a shared experience of moving outside of our comfort zone, whilst raising awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.”

Chris posted a video on social media about going for a walk and a swim in the Solent and it has grown exponentially from there. WTMWTD has now reached across the UK and various parts of the world.

Michelle Tucker, a Wellbeing Supervisor, saw Chris’ video on BBC’s The One Show; she contacted Chris and from there set up WTMWTD in Laleham, Surrey. The meeting place is accessible with a large car park (free before 7am), an open field and easy access to the Thames. 

“It’s just pure unadulterated joy in nature.”

Most meet for the walk and talk, to connect and listen to each other in a neutral place. There is time for a poem, saying or short reading, and a minute’s reflection, followed by some braving the Thames for a short dip, although Michelle says this is not at all compulsory! 

Due to national and regional lockdowns and restrictions, WTMWTD meet-ups have been limited. At the time of writing, this is set to change once groups of six can meet safely outdoors. The online WTMWTD community has grown and provides a supportive environment with positive influences for all: mental health talks, online meet-ups and photos and stories of people swimming and getting outdoors. See the following links:

Michelle is a champion for mental health, providing preventative talking support for employees in the workplace. She also provides nurturing parenting support for parents and carers in and around her community.

The Wellbeing Supervisor | 07772348182

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