Wonderful World of Wellbeing

We are expanding our wellbeing offerings to meet the needs of this truly unprecedented change in time.

This will be an online place of choices in health and wellbeing, all under one roof saving hours of surfing the net. Easier, more accessible than ever before via our online Department Store of Wellbeing is coming to you soon at the click of a button for communities near and far.

Due to COVID-19, our live wellbeing festivals are on hold until it is safe to present in the public domain. Twickenham was our destination for London 2020 Festival and my home town. We will be back!

Leading the way in health and wellbeing, mental health issues expected to reach a staggering 51% resulting in the stressors COVID related, we continue to bring a superb collaboration of wellbeing experts online.

This is a place to be accessed 24/7, an online home where people can engage in exceptional health and wellbeing offerings, receive educative support, equipping all ages with a tool kit for life. The need for individuals to take charge of their wellbeing is more critical than ever. Building resilience, immunity, and changing lifestyles are a start.

Those looking for solutions, prevention, and exploring new ways of being will find the solutions here.

The ‘wonderful world of wellbeing online’ is a perfect synergy to meet the needs of today’s changing world with a dedicated Department store of wellbeing.

Sign up now for updates of the ‘soon to be’ Department Store for Wellbeing online launch. Come see what we have in store for you & your family as well as opening specials.

Diane Mitchell.

Founder: Wonderful World of Wellbeing


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