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How do you work? Are you a very structured person and know exactly what and how you will approach each task?

Often people who are not so structured (like myself) find it challenging to do that. If you work for yourself, you might find you have lots of creative ideas, but they prevent you from being as efficient or productive as you could be. Recently I’ve been re-visiting many different ways of working that I’ve tried in the past. Here are my top three methods:

1. Set A Timer

For some of us, distraction can be a big problem, particularly if you work at home. This method I’ve recently found works very well for me: Set a timer for 25 mins to do a task. Decide what you want to do and do it. The point is to work for 25 mins without stopping or distraction, regardless of finishing. I found this incredibly useful to keep me focused. 

It has been proven that when people work like this they are more productive; it can help raise self-esteem. How? Well, it doesn’t create great self-esteem if we have a history of not completing our ‘to-do’ lists; so, when we do complete them, we feel productive and proud of ourselves. 

2. Make A List

The second method is inspired by Eat That Frog, an old book by Brian Tracy (I’m condensing it here): Write down all the essential tasks the night before. Do the worst one first, always. That’s the biggest frog. Once ‘eaten’, the rest is much easier. Before beginning, develop a sense of urgency and do
it as quickly as possible.

3. Try Binaural Beats

For a more focused approach, some people like music whilst they work. I cannot work with music with lyrics (distraction again). However, I love binaural beats for focus. This is a method when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played simultaneously (most effective through headphones) and the human brain perceives the creation of a new, third tone. Binaural beats are said to provide many of the same benefits asmeditation – I use them on some of my hypnosis audios to help get the brain into Theta, which slows down brain waves. You can use binaural beats for almost anything, sleep, concentration, etc. If you want to try one for free, go to

However you choose to work, don’t just dismiss it because you tried it once – experiment again. Stay focused, in the flow, and onwards and upwards.

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