Councillor’s Update

Elleray Hall

Last month the Council held two further virtual community engagement sessions on its scheme for (1) a new Elleray Hall on the North Lane East small car park and depot site and (2) a modest rise social housing development on the present Elleray Hall site. This is the stage before a planning application is submitted which will offer a further opportunity for views. But inevitably many of the contributions last month were from close neighbours and enabled the scheme to be further considered before submission to the planners.

Park Lane Stables

The owner gave notice of his intention to sell in January and Park Lane Stables RDA have expressed an interest. As the Stables are now registered as an Asset of Community Value only offers from community organisations can be considered until August. The Stables’ crowdfunding appeal has attracted pledges of £1.3m plus gift aid so a happy outcome seems likely.

Udney Park Playing Fields.

This also is an Asset of Community Value and the owners, Quantum, informed the Council of their intention to sell in February. At least one community group have expressed an interest which means that only offers from community organisations can be considered until August.

Community Fund grants

The latest round of applications for grants from the Neighbourhood Community Infastructure Levy has led to Sheddington, the charity where people “do stuff together and mend things”, receiving a grant of £26,100 towards converting the Hall by St Mark’s church as a community workshop. There will be further discussions about a potential grant of up to £20,000 for the Landmark Centre.

Teddington Station Lifts

Heads of Terms have now been agreed between Network Rail and Buds Nurseries which means that the lengthy and complex process of compulsory purchase of the shed site and temporary access is no longer required. A planning application has now been submitted for access across the nursery.

Bushy Park

Royal Parks have announced that the ban on through traffic will continue for one more year at least. This will give an opportunity for, inter alia, impact on surrounding roads post-lockdown to be assessed.

The garden last month

Hellebores are long lasting perennials coming in shades of white, green, yellow, red and pink. They need very little attention beyond removal of old or discoloured leaves.

Cllr Martin Elengorn

Martin Elengorn is a long term local resident and Councillor for Teddington Ward.

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