A Magical Christmas Tale by Local Writer

Christine Collingwood, an 82-year-old local author, has written a heartwarming children’s book for the festive season called The Christmas Fairy. This delightful story, beautifully illustrated by Kate Cadbury, is about a fairy, a handsome toy soldier and the toys that come alive on a magical night when anything might happen.

“The idea for The Christmas Fairy grew from a poem I wrote for the Hampton Writers’ Group, which I developed into a story for my granddaughter. This is my first book and I hope that people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it,” says Christine (who is pictured with her dog, Pumpkin).

“I have always been fascinated by language and words and taking up creative writing has proved most stimulating. Recently I’ve been working on some Christmas poems.”

The Christmas Fairy (£6.99) is available in Teddington at The Landmark Arts Centre in Ferry Road and in Teddington High Street at both Charcoal and Heirloom. You can also buy it in Hampton at Ruby’s in Priory Road and Glorious in Station Road.

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