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If you are quite logical, then this article might not be for you! I truly believe there is a renaissance on the planet. I felt this long before the pandemic. Things had to change and we humans are often slow to do so, (think of our habits).

I think we are starting to ‘wake-up’ and look inside ourselves for peace and happiness, becoming less materialistic.

There seems to be a collective, internal shift happening on the planet and it’s been gaining momentum. People instinctively know we’re all connected to something more significant, greater than the individual, whatever you may call it: God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, Unconditional Love, The Source, The Matrix, whatever. 

Spiritual Laws are nothing short of fantastic when you fully understand them and know how to operate them. They are LAWS. You might be cynical, which I do understand, as I was too. Then I started studying and practising, and it was a revelation!

One of the big misconceptions of Spiritual Laws is: if you think something and imagine it, boom, the Law of Attraction will manifest it. That’s not quite how it works!

Manifest means ‘to demonstrate’. You have to see what you want, with a vivid imagination, infuse it with the emotion of what that would give you, then act that way, demonstrate it. 

Let’s say you found your dream job; you want it 100%. You need to imagine the success and joy, or whatever it is the job will give you. Then you have to feel it. Without the feeling, nothing happens. You have to ‘live in the end’. As if you’ve already achieved it. You think like that successful/joyful person; you act it, you speak it, you are it. It requires utter faith in the absence of evidence. Not many of us can do that. We may lose patience (“well it hasn’t happened yet, and I’ve been doing it for a week”). It’s where faith, trust and patience need to ramp-up, to hold your vision at the very forefront of your mind. See it in your mind’s eye, nurture it daily and feel it, KNOW; it’s on the way, without ‘grasping’.

Most people stop because they don’t truly believe it. So you cannot give conflicting messages and expect a clear answer. Two of the Laws, which might resonate are: 

The Law of Giving & Receiving.

The Law of Intention and Desire.

If you’d like to learn more about this, I invite you to join my new group I’m creating “Go Fetch Your Future” learning about Manifesting with the Spiritual Laws. 

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