Who Am I Interviewing This Month?

• He was born in Harrow and grew up in St Albans. 

• His mum and dad first met in the 70s where they lived on Sixth Cross Road in Twickenham.

• His first part time job aged 16 was with Waitrose…so he has come full circle now being back in food retail. 

• His previous career was in city finance for 15 years and more recently he worked locally as a gardener whilst setting up his new business.

• Hobbies include: Cooking BBQ, playing sport, although the latter is mostly with his children these days.

• His Business Mantra – “Kindness and compassion (yes even in the city!), it’s always about the people involved. Integrity and authenticity are the building blocks of our business” 

Have you guessed who it is yet? No?

• Twickenham is his home where he and his wife are raising their young family. There is nowhere else he’d rather be living and running a business (except maybe a farm in the Cotswolds!).

• He has held a deep interest in food and food produce since he was about 5 years old. 

• Whilst studying agriculture as a postgraduate 3 years ago he met some of the very best and most progressive farmers in the UK. He felt that there was an important job to be done; to build recognition for their pioneering work and make these uniquely high quality foods available to people, directly.

• He is rightly proud that he is supplying local people and families with the very best and most nutritious organic meat and dairy that you can buy.

• His produce is also highly rated by some of London’s best restaurants; he supplies The Marcus Wareing Group, St John Restaurant and OneOneFour in Teddington.

• His most popular products include steaks, natural (preservative free) burgers and sausages, and lamb chops.

• Homemade beef wellingtons for Christmas and New Year also went a bit crazy!

It can only be one person, Nick Green of The Green Butcher.

The Green Butcher are a new Farm Shop & Butchery in Twickenham Green. All produce is 100% pasture fed and organic and supplied directly from their farms. The importance and uniqueness of 100% pasture fed is about the benefits for the natural environment, for animal welfare and for the nutritional value of the food we eat.

They practice whole carcass butchery which means “nose to tail”, no waste. Their butchers have all worked as chefs in top restaurants and so they offer expert advice on how to cook the produce they sell.

The Green Butcher farm shop is open Wednesday to Saturday 9am-5pm or order online for home delivery at http://www.thegreenbutcher.co.uk . Delivery is on an electric e-cargo bike and packaging is all fully recyclable. A big part of The Green Butcher is the weekend BBQ takeaway. They cook a changing BBQ menu every Friday evening 4-8pm and Saturday 12-8pm, order online at 


By Con O’Brien – Business Consultant

Email – conobrien_cbs@btinternet.com 

Mobile – 0785 401 3864

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